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Anti Fatigue Mat Advice and What You Need to Know 


Did you know that anti fatigue mats can help prevent or alleviate many common aches and pains in your feet and legs to your back and neck ?

A good quality mat should help by reducing many of your joint and limb pains, especially if you stand for long periods of time. Don't think they are just for use at work as there are considerable health benefits using them in and around your home with considerable benefits when deployed in kitchen work areas.

As a precation, always be safe and seek advice and or treatment from a health professional for an existing health problem prior to implementing a solution you think may be suitable.

 Anti Fatigue mats are all about ergonomics combined with personal health and safety factors within a working or activity environment, be it in the workplace, home or in pursuit of leisure.


 Unless you have tried one, it may be difficult for you to appreciate the health benefits of these fatigue prevention mats. Apart from feeling reassuringly comfortable under foot, your aching limbs and muscles could become a thing of the past. You will likely feel much better at the end of each day and be able to enjoy your free time. With less residual discomfort, you should sleep better, awake refreshed and subsequently cope better with your daily routine and activities.


 Anti fatigue mats mostly share the common objective to reduce physical stresses, strains and fatigue associated with, for example, you being on your feet, quite often for hours in the same position. They are designed to take the harmful pressure off significant problem areas like feet, knees, hips, back, neck and shoulders.


 The mats effectively provide you with a safe, perfectly cushioned floor or work area.


 Scientifically developed, they come in numerous designs for a multitude of different applications. Many are designed for specific environments, for instance wet and slippery, dry and dusty, oily and chemically hazardous areas. All anti fatigue mats positively contribute welcome health and safety benefits.


 Tiredness and fatigue reduce considerably, leaving you more alert and less prone to stress. No doubt, many businesses provide special mats designed to do a particular task, but how many businesses go that one step further and invest in anti fatigue mats for their employees?


 Consider the health and safety benefits of an anti fatigue mat in a working environment. Many people have no option and cannot choose their working environment and have to take what they are given. Factory workers on production and assembly lines, somebody that works at a store checkout or even those in fast food restaurant food preparation areas all face short and long term physical health problems.


 A machine operator that turns metal on a lathe, works in a potentially dangerous area and is provided with all the protective clothing and machine guards required by law. A special mat will be in place next to the lathe, a mat designed to provide a robust and safe footing. The mat will have to cope with machine oils, lubricant and cooling fluid as well as metal shavings. The machine operator must be able to get on with the demanding work in hand and not give his mat a second thought, whilst at the same time knowing he is as safe as can be expected.


Purpose designed anti fatigue mats could replace old, unsuitable old hard mats and positively deliver that employee greater physical comfort while preventing or reducing the likelihood of medical conditions such as muscle and joint wear and tear brought on through continual standing on a hard, unforgiving floor.


Additional benefits include a significant decrease in noise, especially when on wooden flooring. Concrete and metal floors are cold and contribute to discomfort when working on them for prolonged periods. A well insulated mat will minimize heat loss through feet and contribute to the wellbeing of people. Heated anti fatigue mats are available as well as those designed for minimal thermal heat loss.


Employers gain a healthier workforce less prone to stress, strain and sickness. Happier healthy employees take less time off sick and studies have proven that anti fatigue mats can contribute to improved productivity.


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